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Where is the Lost Dutchman Mine?

             Is it at Red Mountain or in the rugged Superstitions?


    For 100 years, men and women alike have searched for the fabled Lost Dutchman mine. Most Relic-Hunters have searched the inner most reaches of the Superstition mountains; was it possible that the aging Jacob Waltz did not have his mine deep in the rugged wilderness area?    Could in-fact the mine be located near the salt river on modern day Red Mountain? Author John Victor Ramses makes an argument  that in-fact people have been looking for years in the wrong location. Taking the Ruth-Peralta map and putting a new twist on its interpretation, he feels the location is in  an area that an aging Waltz would have easy access to and that the landmarks are even visible from the highway today. Is Ramses twist on the interpretation of the map a stretch of the legend and the map? Maybe, maybe not. Check out his website at  and decide for yourself.

SR Jensen                                                     

Weavers Needle, located in the rugged Superstitions.



The top of Red Mountain.

A distant Weavers Needle.

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