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Where are the missing ships?

Two ships from the 1715 fleet are still missing.



    When the Spanish fleet left Cuba in 1715, they had no idea what lay in store for them.  A Hurricane destroyed the entire fleet with the exception of  one ship. In today's times, when all the coast of Florida has been searched  with magnetometers, side-scan sonar and video; all the ships have been located with the exception of two.

    Where are the "San Miguel" and the "Ciervo" ? These two ships have seemed to  elude Relic-Hunters for almost three hundred years. Where did they go?. Doug Pope of Amelia Search & Recovery seems to think that the ships initially survived the mass sinking near Fort Pierce Florida and made their way to Northern Florida before sinking. "We know for a fact  from the letters in the archives, that in the fall of 1715 the Spanish government located in St. Augustine, actually sent a search party to the North, out of St Augustine, looking for the "San Miguel" and the "Ciervo", also known  as "La Francess," " We also know of the remains of a large ship on the beach (of) present day Fernandina (Beach, Florida)".

    Could these ships be in a part of Florida that has not been excavated? Its very possible, as gold coins from the period have been found on the shores of Amelia Island.


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